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Our Fabric Books

Over time, Dri-Lex has evolved but not changed. Our fabrics still move moisture. They are supremely comfortable and yet durable enough to take the pounding of road racing in Hawaii or slogging through mountain snow in Afghanistan. Our fashion fabrics are equally at home on a New York runway. If you see a fabric that piques your interest, and you'd like a sample, please use the contact page to request an A4 or a 7 x 7 swatch.


This book features Dri-Lex fabrics that have stood the test of time, as well as some newer meshes that are well priced but with more advanced features than similar fabrics from our competitors. Looking for an advanced upper fabric for a running shoe or a blazing blend of colors for the top of your sockliner? You'll find them and more in our 'Performance' binder.



The handfeel of the inside of a shoe at retail can make or break a sale. Our microfibers and eco-microfibers -- in a wide range of prices and constructions -- allow you to offer a soft, comfortable handfeel in every shoe from moderately priced footwear all the way up to high-end 'statement' shoes. Our Eco range is the most complete in the footwear industry. When we use the words 'recycled' or 'sustainable' to describe our environmentally friendly fabrics, we can scientifically prove it unlike many of our competitors.



Many of our best customers have come to us seeking one-stop shopping for laminated 'packages,' especially those featuring inexpensive membranes for bad weather protection. In 2012, with many years of development behind us, we introduced an entire line of Dri-Lex packages called 'Weatherpruf.' The options for this line are almost limitless. We also offer our Dri-Lex fabrics in combination with foams and other backers as requested by our customers or their factories.


Berry-compliant fabrics

Made in the U.S., our Berry-compliant range features rugged moisture moving fabrics designed for comfort and durability.


Lightweight, durable

Pioneers and early adopters of the minimalist footwear movement came to us early on looking for lightweight performance fabrics. We jumped in with half a dozen durable fabrics weighing in at 200 grams per square meter or less, and with high Martindale scores for durability that meet or exceed our exacting standards..