Berry Compliant Fabrics

Dri-Lex® Fantasia 1230

Lightweight, yet durable, this multi-purpose pique fabric is currently being used by a number of athletic footwear brands in high-performance statement shoes.

Dri-Lex® 2000

Durable, general use fabric features the time-tested Dri-Lex® moisture management system.

Dri-Lex® Aerospacer 620

Patented Arerospacer 620 offers the time-tested three-zone Dri-Lex® moisture management system with attractive black dot accents.

Dri-Lex® Bandelero

The open oval pattern of Bandelero produces an attractive two-color effect when combined with a contrasting foam backer.

Dri-Lex® Brutus

An exciting new versatile fabric that can be used as an upper and/or lining material, Brutus is both tough and attractive. Water repellant when DWR is added.

Dri-Lex® Camo

The two-tone look of this popular fabric gives it an added dimension and eye appeal.

Dri-Lex® Nusuede

The sueded version of our popular 1062 fabric. The brushed face of this fabric offers a soft, comfortable handfeel without giving away any of its tough, long-wearing performance.

Dri-Lex® Starlight 1033

Heavyweight, tough, textured fabric with attractive contrasting color fleck design.