Waxide®; #10

Domestically produced waxed cotton manufactured using a proprietary process, Waxide®; #10 offers versatility and a sophisticated look to an entire or partial upper.

Aegis Additive

Aegis Microbe Shield® forms an odorless, colorless, positively charged polymer that bonds molecularly to our Dri-Lex fabrics. The long and short of it is that after investigating a large number of anti-microbial options, we believe that Aegis does the best job at the best price.

Dri-Lex® Camo

Highly Breathable PU combined with one of our toughest wearing fabrics makes this a cost-effective combination for perfomance shoes or boots.

DL Mesh

The most cost-effective performance waterproof package available on the market today. High quality seam tape completes our Weatherpruf® branded package.

Dri-Lex® Honeycomb P

Our very popular honeycomb fabric featured in a highly breathable waterproof package gives your shoes and/or boots added comfort, dryness and fashion all in one.

DL Stretch Mesh

Cost-effective waterproof package with a very soft but durable stretch fabric lining.

Dri-Lex® 2000

Highly Breathable PU combined with durable, hard wearing and comfortable Dri-Lex 2000, makes this exceptionally priced package competitive with waterproof products costing up to three times more.

Dri-Lex® Zigzag

Highly breathable PU membrane combined with a durable and visually appealing Dri-Lex fabric makes this a great choice in any waterproof footwear.